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By Melissa James Gibson
Directed by Jason Economus
Featuring ensemble members Tess Cinpinski and Benjamin James Wilson with James Boylan, Anna Figlesthaler, and Matt Koester
Performed at Bucketworks
Sept 20 - Oct 5, 2012 (12 performances)

Set in the in-between places of a crumbling prewar apartment building, [SIC] follows three urban failures: Babette writing [or not writing] her masterpiece, Theo composing his symphony [a theme for an amusement park ride], and Frank practicing his tongue twisters [to be an auctioneer, of course].

Thrown together by a mutual friend/lover/loan shark, our ambitious losers struggle to make sense of a world that is threatening to pass them by. Eviction notices, randy octogenarians, sparring couples, and flying toast collide in Melissa James Gibson’s bitingly funny and unexpectedly moving snap shot of urban life.

Scenic Design Koren Black
Lighting Design Ross Zentner
Costume Design Eleanor Cotey
Sound Design Christine Barclay
Stage Manager Alicia Wahl
Promotional Image Ross Zentner (photography), Michael Cotey (design)
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“This well rehearsed trio keep up with [Jason} Economus’ breakneck pace - exactly right for this farcical world, in which we can see the characters’ self-absorption in every overly stylized gesture.” - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“It would be hard for other theatre companies in Milwaukee to stage [sic]...That’s why we must be glad there is a Youngblood Theatre. With plays like this, they keep all of us on our toes.” -
“Get to Bucketworks, because Youngblood is doing wonderful things.” - Third Coast Digest
“One claustrophobic roller coaster ride.” - Milwaukee Magazine